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Some balances have changed by CoVid-19

All people in the world, are just like watching a sci-fi movie can be said pretty easily insomuch as over half a year. It is of course this outbreak has different stages in different countries.

Most probably, the majority of the geographic territories of the world , still at the first wave of CoVid-19 pandemic. Meanwhile nobody should forget the mutations of this virus. This is a real big risk for everyone.

In any case, it seems that this global disaster will not be ended in a short term. Most probably not in 2020.

CoVid-19 pandemic, it has been changed the various balances in different ways of life, such as in philosophy for living, different categories of business life, etc…

Sofar, nobody knows when the final balance will be cleared.

In Turkey, especially in the retail sector, established balances have changed very rapidly, much more than the expectations… Even it was pretending accepted at the first days of CoVid-19 pandemic, being understood that the measures should be taken immediately.

There are 436 shopping malls, and uncountable numbers of various size retailers, in the country. The majority of the malls and the stores both in the malls and on the streets closed by the reason of CoVid-19 pandemic.

The extraordinary macroeconomic measures, naturally caused by pandemic in business balances as well. Some of big sized companies, together with some well known brands, even some mid sized firms take actions for having bankrupt’s certificate decisions.

It is a pandemic, not panic…

However, both pandemic and panic are more or less the same similar efficiency on life, at all countries.

The CoVid-19 pandemic has infected more than 8.0 million people and killed more than 430,000 worldwide since late January, when it was first reported. The outbreak spread from the Chinese city of Wuhan to more than 180 countries and territories—affecting every continent.

Leading actors of the sector should carefully determine their responses to different risk and crisis scenarios, measures to be taken in the short and medium term, and their effects on competition and strategies.

Otherwise, it should be known well that the balances in business would be changed in a large spectrum of trading ways at all over the world, I want to say clearly. In the meantime nobody should forget the developments in both e-commerce, b2b business and cargo lines…

Some new ways in trading would be expected to explore in the new balances of business, like sales by internet-delivery by stores…

Individual entrepreneurs, research and development departments of the companies should take care of this new challenges for a good adoption for achievements of new established balances in the new way of life after CoVid-19 pandemic ended, even before the outbreak ended.

by Hasan R. ARDIC

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